Land for sale in Thailand – investment on Koh Samui

The large amount of proven opportunities to invest in Thailand including real estate and land acquisition have opened a path to take advantage of today’s global economical situation. Along with that, currently practiced Thai procedures of land purchase are relatively easy and secure which creates a perfect timing to set up a business, settle an overseas home or arrange a retirement retreat in Asia. For general information, land for sale in Thailand is measured in Rai which equals 1600 square meters. Important to keep in mind that there are different types of title deeds for Thai land and the most preferred is Chanote or freehold that grants the owner with full amount of rights over the land. It is also important to arrange reliable lawyer assistance to ensure correct transaction process and complete legal protection in future.

As a foreigner is formally not allowed to buy land in Thailand on his own name, the procedure requires setting up a local company for that purpose. Second way is registering the land on the name of Thai spouse which is convenient but might cause issues in case of divorce. Another proven option would be a long term 30-year renewable lease where full interest can be obtained by foreigner.

To get the best rates and offers in a particular area of Thailand it is widely advised to contact local real estate agents as most of them are constantly working on bringing their service quality and standards to a higher level meeting a tremendous demand. As major Thailand destinations offer the most attractive real estate investment offerings in Thailand, land for sale in Samui, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin or other tourist areas has become a serious income generator or a dream tropical estate for intelligently investing individuals around the world.

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